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The Basic Skills Agency

The Basic Skills Agency is an independent organisation which oversees the National Basic Skills strategy for Wales on behalf of the Assembly Government. A charitable organisation, the agency aims to drive up the standard of basic skills among children, young people and adults throughout Wales.

The Basic Skills Agency targets specific sections of the Welsh population via advertising campaigns undertaken as part of the Welsh Assembly Governmentís National Basic Skills Strategy. The 2005 campaign Ė phase four of the strategy, uses multi media to promote the free information packs available for parents with children from 0- 3 years of age which contain advice on encouraging their childís speaking and listening skills.

As part of the media mix, a highly targeted TV campaign promoting a local rate telephone number ensures that the general public can order the respective parent packs. dial support this activity by providing the Basic Skills Agency with a 24/7 Direct Response Team of dedicated bi-lingual Customer Service Agents to receive all bound calls.

dial prides itself on ensuring that they always have bi-lingual agents available to prospective clients, with itís Welsh Language in the Workplace Initiative ensuring that all staff have the opportunity of Welsh language training.

In order to deliver a full fulfilment service to the Basic Skills Agency, dial has linked with Berkshire-based fulfilment house Fairway PSD. Fairway, employs 100 full and part-time staff and is a specialist in handling the dispatch of products linked, for example, to sales drives or learning promotions.

Under the arrangement, the first of its kind in Wales, dial partners Fairway to deliver services which require a combined contact centre and product delivery service.

The partnership results in a particularly efficient service where calls are handled at the contact centre in Cwmbran and requests forwarded directly to Fairway from where the information packs are distributed.