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CCS Debt Management Services

CCS (Commercial Collection Services) has provided a variety of debt recovery services since 1974. CCS collects debts on behalf of a wide range of clients spanning utilities, finance, mail order, parking control and professional services.

As a business CCS aims to recover all outstanding debts in full, even where debtors are unable to manage their repayments or fail to pay.

dial provided a specialist team to manage the CCS Debt Recovery service.The dial team were very aware that this service would involve dealing with people who were often distressed, frustrated or angry when settling disputes over the phone.

Inbound calls received on this service would be as a direct result of postal correspondence received by the debtor demanding repayment of any debt. CCS would provide contact details for outbound calling activity by the team for debtors that had failed to respond to the service.

dial recruited a dedicated team of customer service advisors suited to the type of call. Each member of the team was picked for his or her confidence, effective negotiating skills, maturity and tenacity to remain confidential with regard to CCS business.

dial developed a number of processes to ensure that communications between all parties could be easily accessed for tracking purposes for each debt dispute handled.

The dial team were trained to settle payment of debts over the phone and authorised to agree repayment terms that include the restructure of payments in line with CCS guidelines.

Marie Coles, General Manager of CCS, was extremely pleased with the service delivered by dial:

dial is the first outsourcing agency that we have worked with. We chose them for their experience in outsourcing and ability to consistently deliver service levels. We have learned much during this pilot and dial has played an invaluable part in setting up a robust front line service”.