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What we Do

Organisations today have a range of challenges:

Improving customer service
Today’s customers are more and more demanding. Many working hours are taken up helping them on the phone, e-mails, text messaging and over the web. If what you are looking for is to deliver consistently good service, then dial can help.

Making it Easy
Our clients benefit in a number of ways. There are many areas of expense that impact on an organisation’s bottom line. Through outsourcing, dial, not only reduces these costs, but removes the hassle of setting up a complete technical solution for your needs.

Keeping focused on your strengths
Making it easier for you allows you to concentrate more on the key areas of your business

Outsourcing customer service helps you focus on other areas of your business – whether that’s manufacturing better products or developing good services. By letting us manage your customers in the way you want them managed, your resources can focus on other key areas of your business.


dial’s offerings and services are based on the ability to understand the requirements of our clients. We take pride in adding value to our clients’ operation by becoming an extension of that operation and by embracing the culture and ethos of our partners. With the diversity of our experience we are able to share best practice and apply experience gained in other sectors of the market.


The services on offer are:

Customer Acquisition: dial has provided customer acquisition programmes for many years primarily in the utilities, financial and telecoms sectors. The skills and experience gained in these markets are easily transferable to a number of other sectors. Highly trained teams are available to act as an extension to increase our clients’ ability to communicate with their potential customers.

Customer Service: Our customer service programmes are tailor-made to our clients’ requirements. Value and quality are paramount to the success of the projects and technology and highly skilled customer advisors effectively support these.

Appointment Setting: dial has experience of appointment setting for both Business to Consumer and Business to Business solutions. The ability to link in with our clients’ systems ensures a seamless process for all parties involved.

Debt Management: dial is able to provide specialist teams to manage the whole spectrum of debt recovery. Both inbound and outbound solutions are available complete with back office services to support both functions.

Back Office Services: dial has considerable experience in providing back office services to support the variety of methods utilised by our clients to communicate with their customers. From a simple leaflet to a product sample dial can provide the solution.

Lead Generation: All companies at some point in their development recognise the need for good quality leads which will ultimately lead to additional streams of revenue. dial’s experience has shown that the combination of good quality data coupled with a bespoke process to qualify it are at the heart of consistent sales results.

Bureau service: A 24/7 service is available for consumer advice lines, response handling including drtv, radio and mailings and customer service lines for both consumer and business applications.