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Welsh Injury Network

The Welsh Injury Network

The Welsh Injury Network is a consortium of established lawyers practices, all operating out of Wales, who offer a free Personal Injury Claims Service for the Welsh public.

Launched in February 2005, the service offered is underpinned by a large regional TV marketing campaign, whereby potential clients are asked to telephone the network via a freephone number. dial support this direct response TV campaign, offering  24/7 cover with a highly skilled Customer Service team of agents.

As with any “DR TV” campaign, the unpredictable frequency of calls requires a flexible blended team. To avoid unproductive ‘down time’ the team provided by dial form part of the dial Bureau Service.

The dial team are very conscious of the often sensitive nature of the calls this service will generate hence, dial and the Welsh Injury Network have worked together to develop a Training Programme which enables the agents to professionally deal with people who are often distressed, frustrated or angry.

Advanced technology at dial allows for “Mid Call Transfer” which means that callers can be connected directly to the relevant solicitor without having to redial a new number. This system maximises efficiency for the respective Lawyer’s office and makes for an enhanced customer experience for the caller.